Malaga Port, one of the sights on immersion Spanish courses in Malaga

As we all know, learning a language is so much easier and more effective if you jump in at the deep end and immerse yourself in it. Taking an intensive programme in the country itself brings plenty of benefits and students see huge improvements almost instantly. Malaga has excellent flight communications, long list of tourist attractions and year-round sunshine. If you add my extensive experience as a Spanish teacher, the city makes an excellent choice. Read on to discover all you need to know about Spanish immersion courses in Malaga.

Why should I do a Spanish immersion course?

Extensive research shows that learning a language is easier and quicker if you choose an immersion programme. Dedicating a longish period of time a day (say three hours) allows you and your language-learning brain to absorb more Spanish and, more importantly, remember it.

Immersion programs also give you a chance to discover the culture of a destination and practise your newly-learned skills in situ.

Why do Spanish immersion Spanish in Malaga?

The capital of the Costa del Sol offers numerous advantages for learners who want to take an intensive course in Spanish.

  • Wide availability of flights to European cities and worldwide.
  • Lots of tourist attractions including over 30 museums, world-class art galleries and historic monuments.
  • Guaranteed 320 days of sunshine a year with mild winters – perfect to escape the cold and dark winters in Northern Europe!
  • Opportunities to discover the rest of Andalusia with famous cities such as Seville and Granada on the doorstep.
  • Quality destination offering wallet-friendly prices.
  • Delicious local gastronomy.

Find out why you should learn Spanish in Malaga.

How do I know if I need a Spanish immersion course?

You can benefit from an immersion program whatever your level of Spanish. I offer courses for complete beginners, seasoned Spanish speakers who feel a bit rusty, intermediate learners who want to improve and advanced students who would like to be fluent in Spanish.

Whether you know nothing, a fair amount or quite a lot of Spanish, my immersion programs can help you!

What do your Spanish immersion courses in Malaga include?

I run different programs to suit different needs. Common to all of them are:

  • A pre-online course to get you prepared for the intensive, immersion part of the course.
  • An in-depth analysis of your level of Spanish so that I know exactly where you are and what you need to progress.
  • The intensive course itself.
  • Follow-up mentoring sessions to ensure you get maximum benefit and keep up your Spanish!

My longer programs also include accommodation in Malaga – we organise this to make things even easier for you. This means you don’t have to worry about logistics and can concentrate fully on learning. I also have an immersion course in Spanish that places you directly in a Spanish living environment with close contact with me, my family and friends.

Find out more here.

How long do your immersion programs last?

The exact length depends on which course you choose. The shortest lasts for one month and includes a total of 30 hours of tuition with a one-week intensive course in Malaga. The longest lasts for three months (70 hours tuition in total) and you stay in Malaga for three weeks.

Is it just me on your immersion courses in Malaga?

Yes, all my courses are one-to-one so it’s just you and me. Discover why you should learn Spanish with private classes.

How much do your immersion programs cost?

My courses start at €690 and the most expensive costs €4,999. The price depends obviously on the number of hours of tuition and whether you choose to stay in Malaga.

What if I want a personalised course?

No problem at all and I’m only too happy to find out exactly what you need. Once I know the type of tuition that best suits you, I can design your very own Spanish immersion course in Malaga. Get in touch for more information.

What if I don’t want accommodation in Malaga?

Again, no problem. But if you need help with finding somewhere to stay, contact us and we’re help you out. We have some beautiful accommodation in the loveliest part of Malaga.

What do I do now?

Take a look at our programs, decide which suits you and your Spanish best and get in touch to book yours. I look forward to welcoming you to Malaga and taking your Spanish to the next level!

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