My name is Sandra Rodríguez and my passion is to help students to become more fluent and confident Spanish speakers. 


I’m a native speaker from Spain, fully qualified, an experienced Spanish teacher AND specialist in teaching Spanish to adults.

My teaching philosophy

“SandraTeach” is not a language school – it is a reaction against the “McDonaldization” Because everyone has their own rhythm for learning of teaching Spanish, whereby language learning is packaged and marketed like a product on an assembly line.  

Instead, I seek to provide learning and guidance that are tailored to your individual needs, with MORE passion, creativity and LESS short-cuts and gimmicks and ZERO stress.

Did you know? Private lessons are the best way to learn Spanish faster especially if your teacher tailors the classes to what you need.

I can help you

To you take your Spanish to the next level with online classes. I’m an expert in learning strategies which can adapt to your needs to help you fully realize your potential.

To learn at your own pace. Depending on your level and objectives, I’ll set up a learning programme for us to work through online together. We’ll schedule our Zoom classes at times to suit you.

To guide you personally, help you when you get stuck, offer advice and most of all, encourage you at every step.

To learn in a fast and effective way for real, life it’s a style of learning that allow the students to simulated task similar to those that they encounter outside. It’s an opportunity to connect directly with the real world.

To speak fluent to open your bussiness to Spanish or latin America markets

To prepare for an exam, or simply improve your coversational level of Spanish.

Benefits of Learning Spanish Online

Learn Fluent Spanish form de confort of your home o everywhere.

Learn to speak the real Spanish you¨ll never find in a textbook or classroom, with your native teacher!

Don't waste your time is going to a school and take the opportunity to learn from home.


I’ll be more than happy to help you find the best way to take your Spanish to the next level from the comfort of your own home!

Do you have any questions?


The price depends on the pack you choose. There are different possibilities, starting with one lesson (25 euros),which is the most expensive, to long term courses or packages, to which I apply a discount. Ask me for more information.

Is Spanish difficult to learn?

Several factors make learning Spanish relatively easy. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in any effort! With the right approach and techniques, you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time.

How much time do I need to learn the basics to have a conversation?

That depends on you, how enthusiastic you are, and how much you involve yourself with the learning process. From the very beginning I will give you the tools to make it possible.

What method do you use for teaching?

I developed my own method based on my experience and on the theory of multiple intelligences: Understanding which type(s) of intelligence my student may possess can help me to adjust to the learning styles of my students.

Will it be effective with me?

You learn what you need to learn and in your way.
Just as private classes move at your pace (and only yours), the tuition is tailored to how you learn. If you’re a visual person, we learn Spanish through visuals. If you prefer to learn by rote, that’s what we’ll do.
My private Spanish classes are tailored exactly to what you want.

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