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Treat your little ones to a fun, engaging learning experience in a warm, personal atmosphere.

Are you raising your children in a bi- or multilingual environment and want to help them with their Spanish?

Did you recently arrive in Spain and want your children to be familiar with the language and culture? Or are you on holiday and want your children to learn Spanish while having fun?

Or do you just want them to learn Spanish from the comfort of their own home and with personalized tuition instead of going back and forth from a standard public school with standardized education every day?

Whatever your reason, my team offers personalized tuition for your children, so they can learn Spanish easily and stress-free.

No more cookie-cutter classes at school or at an academy where your child is just another face in the crowd. No more sub-standard professionals. We use the best ways to start your children learning Spanish.

Our team of qualified and responsible Spanish teachers teach your children Spanish as you’d like them to be taught. And with our shared values, care and dedication.

Let us show you how we care about quality teaching just as much as you do.

When your children learn Spanish with us, they will:

Have fun playing and learning in the company of a qualified native Spanish teacher who takes maximum care of your children and their emotional well-being.

Learn from home in a secure environment, in person or online. 

Enjoy 100% personalised tuition to ensure real and effective language learning.

See how easy it can be to learn Spanish and be motivated to do it.

How do we teach spanish to children?

Our tuition is based on developing multiple intelligences and a method that always respects each individual child’s pace of learning.

We believe that just as each child is unique, so are their learning patterns and needs. We also know that every child learns at a different pace. Our experienced staff adapts the personalized classes to each individual child

We use multiple intelligences and emotions. 

We base our teaching on the centre of each child’s interest.

We use imagination and creativity in every session.

We play and sing.

We experiment and adapt.

We use all our senses.

We help your children discover new things every day.

We celebrate each step with the family as we learn and grow together.

Our Values

We strive to ensure that our values always form the backbone of our Spanish classes for children. Our values are:

  • Creativity and fun.
  • Passion, enthusiasm and love.
  • Motivation and excitement.
  • Significant learning.
  • Independence, responsibility and self-confidence

As a result, your children learn Spanish easily and efficiently, at their own pace and in the comfort and security of their own home. 

Why learn with us

Our experienced staff stands out in the crowd of Spanish teachers because:

We closely monitor the difficulties our pupils have and adapt the classes and activities according to these. 

We create materials, activities and classes specifically for each individual child. We adapt them to their needs to ensure significant learning. 

We keep a careful eye on your child’s progress throughout the learning process. 

We encourage your child to develop their independence and curiosity to grow their self-confidence.

We develop all of your child’s abilities and skills by working with multiple intelligences.

The result? Your child will learn Spanish easily without even realising it!

Introducing your spanish teacher

My name is Julia and I live in Malaga in southern Spain, just a few minutes from the coast. Children and languages have always been my passions and after my experience as a teaching assistant at a school in the UK, I studied Education at university. 

After completing two master’s degrees in Early Support and Neuroscience, I realised that you cannot teach everyone in the same way. This was when I met Sandrateach and totally agreed with her philosophy that we all learn in a different way and at our own pace. And this applies just as much to children. 

This is why I’ve been training with Sandra in innovative education and learning techniques based on multiple intelligences. 

I currently teach Spanish to children aged from 2 to 12 and love and enjoy what I do. 

If you’d like your child to learn Spanish easily and stress-free, get in touch now

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