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After many years of teaching Spanish, I’ve come to realise one thing above all else: everyone has very different learning needs. That’s why, based on my philosophy of individual learning methods.Most Spanish schools forget that learning a language requires more than just vocabulary and grammar, you also need to develop your motivation, focus, routines and study habits as well as overcoming nerves when it comes to trying your Spanish out in the real world.

Why can we help you?



WE customized the classes to your personal needs, without stress



We create materials, activities and classes specifically for each individual person. We adapt them to their needs to ensure significant learning.



We encourage our students to develop their communicative skills to grow their confidence



We develop all the language skills by working with multiple intelligences and tapping into your innate motivation.



We guide you personally, help you when you get stuck, offer advice and most of all, encourage you at every step.



We simulated with our students task similar to those that they encounter outside. It’s an opportunity to connect directly with the real world and Benefit from understanding what to study, what order to study it and more important what not to study

I can call on a fantastic team of specialized and experienced teachers who will help you master the Spanish you need or want to learn.

Our Team

My name is Rocio and I am Spanish teacher. I was living abroad for many years in different countries and is when I realized I was very lucky working as a Spanish teacher and enjoying teaching my language and sharing my culture with my students abroad. I got my degree in The IH University in Madrid specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students .I am also a Siele Coach by Instituto Cervantes where I was working for 10 years .
This year I moved to my city ,Málaga where I met Sandra Rodríguez , with whom I share Knowledge , teaching philosophy and hobbies …

When I am not working, I love to travel anywhere in the world. My passion is to meet new people and to know foreign cultures and languages .Also, I enjoy trekking in the mountains and diving in clear waters. I love arts, especially painting, architecture, design and movies.

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The price depends on the pack you choose. There are different possibilities, starting with one lesson (25 euros),which is the most expensive, to long term courses or packages, to which I apply a discount. Ask me for more information.

How much time do I need to learn the basics to have a conversation?

That depends on you, how enthusiastic you are, and how much you involve yourself with the learning process. From the very beginning I will give you the tools to make it possible.

Will it be effective with me?

You learn what you need to learn and in your way.
Just as private classes move at your pace (and only yours), the tuition is tailored to how you learn. If you’re a visual person, we learn Spanish through visuals. If you prefer to learn by rote, that’s what we’ll do.
My private Spanish classes are tailored exactly to what you want.

Is Spanish difficult to learn?

Several factors make learning Spanish relatively easy. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in any effort! With the right approach and techniques, you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time.

What method do you use for teaching?

I developed my own method based on my experience and on the theory of multiple intelligences: Understanding which type(s) of intelligence my student may possess can help me to adjust to the learning styles of my students.

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