My name is Sandra Rodríguez and I love helping students to become more fluent and confident Spanish speakers.

I’m a native speaker from Spain, fully qualified , an experienced Spanish teacher AND specialist in teaching Spanish to adults.

Why I founded Sandrateach?

I’ve been teaching Spanish since 2006 and I LOVE to see my students improving their language skills, losing their fear of speaking, becoming active in conversations and finally making meaningful connections with native speakers.

After my degree ,I have been teaching for 15 years in northern Spain and it has allowed me TO acquire the experience and the knowledge in the language learning process and it was back then, when I realized I wanted TO SCAPE FROM TRADITIONAL LEARNING SCHOOLS And debote my profesion to discover tips, techniques and tactics that will help you get the Spanish language faster.

Another reason why I wanted to set up SandraTeach Is because 5 years ago I moved to the south of Málaga because I married a” Malagueño “ and two years after I had a baby ( my other passion).

Because of that I needed a more flexible schedule, which could be compatible with my family life.

But , at the same time, I needed to continue working on my passion (teaching and education )….

On the other side, I do not think that learning a language or any other subject must be something methodical and boring.

On the contrary, it should be something, which is developed individually so that each person FINDS it motivating and fun.

Shall we learn together?

My priority is to create an environment where you can feel free and comfortable:

  • to communicate in Spanish from the beginning, acquiring new vocabulary and Spanish structures in a natural and intuitive way.
  • to develop your Spanish language skills at your own pace, always focusing on exactly what you need , overcoming fear, finding focus, staying the course and maintaing your motivation.

I’m a Spaniard

I have a perfectly neutral accent and qualified Spanish Teacher with 15 years of experience in St Fernando High School (Asturias), one of the best-rated schools in Spain where students study for the international BAC. And in other private schools in Málaga, Spanish certified teacher and English certified teacher for the University of Oviedo in Spain, Graduate certificate in Spanish language teaching to adults.

Experience in modern languages teacher at different levels in Spain and in England, Coordinator and teacher of EU students program – experience teaching Spanish language and culture in Finland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands for three years.

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