Learning to speak Spanish, like all languages, presents plenty of challenges. Becoming fluent enough to achieve your goals – personal or professional – requires time, effort and perseverance. A large part of your success will depend on how you learn it whether it’s attending a class in a language academy, taking private Spanish classes or following an app.

Studies show that individualised tuition almost always leads to better results. Students who have followed a one-to-one course speak and understand the language better than those who have attended classes at an academy or online. Spanish is no exception and my 15 years of experience have clearly shown this to be the case. Don’t believe me? Then read on to discover why taking private classes will mean you speak Spanish for real.

You’ll learn at your own pace

This is possibly the most compelling reason why private Spanish classes are better. No one learns at the same pace. You might be quick to pick up Spanish pronunciation but take a while to assimilate the different verb endings. A private class allows for this and your personal teacher will take your rhythm into account for every single learning step.

Did you know? In a class of students, the language teacher always aims for the middle pace so if you’re a faster or slower learner you always lose out. In a private class, there’s only one pace – yours.

You’ll benefit from tailor-made tuition

In a classroom situation, everyone learns the same thing and in the same way. Private tuition is, of course, the complete opposite. You learn what you need to learn and in your way.

Just as private classes move at your pace (and only yours), the tuition comes tailored to how you learn. If you’re a visual person, we learn Spanish through visuals. If you prefer to learn by rote, that’s what we’ll do.

My private Spanish classes are tailored exactly to what you want. Get in touch to find out how I can help you learn Spanish successfully.

Your classes will fit into your timetable

We’re all busy juggling different things into our weekly schedule and fitting in regular language classes can be a challenge. With private tuition, there’s no need to worry about diary constraints because one-to-one classes fit in with you. My Spanish classes are at a time to suit you and just you. Not 10+ others.

You’ll have more confidence with private Spanish classes

Successful language learning requires lots of practice and plenty of confidence. Everyone makes mistakes when they’re learning to speak Spanish and sometimes embarrassing ones. Private classes give you the opportunity to practise and make those mistakes in a secure environment where you don’t need to worry about what your fellow students will think when you mess up.

Did you know? My Spanish classes take place in a stress-free environment where you’ll be surrounded by calm tranquility. Perfect for learning Spanish for real!

Your class will adapt to suit you

As well as fitting into your timetable, my private Spanish classes are also adaptable. If you’re a busy parent and can’t get childcare during your class, let me know and I’ll arrange a venue where we can learn Spanish and keep an eye on your child. Got a dog that you can’t leave alone in your home? Then, we’ll learn Spanish together at a dog-friendly location.

You’ll be accountable

Practice makes perfect when it comes to languages and you’ll need plenty. To help us achieve your goal, I’ll set you homework and check it. There’ll be no hiding behind other students’ answers or claiming your dog ate your exercises. With one-to-one tuition, your accountability will be total.

Like to be extra accountable? Join our Facebook group, a unique community of people sharing a passion for learning Spanish. See what it’s all about here.  

You’ll stay on track with your goal

And reach it! As your private Spanish teacher, I know exactly why you want to learn Spanish so I’ll make sure you are always on track for success.  

You’ll discover Malaga with a local

Our last reason why private Spanish classes are better is specific to Sandra Teach. I live and work in Malaga so if you choose to learn Spanish with you, I’ll show one of the most beautiful cities in southern Spain. Together, we’ll experience Malaga as locals and you’ll discover special places, secret corners… all while learning Spanish.

Get in touch to learn Spanish for real

I’ve been helping people speak Spanish for real since 2006. Let me help you learn this wonderful language. Check out my courses now.

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